Funds Management

Manage your funds more efficiently with these select products and services designed to give you faster access to your funds, and an opportunity to put your idle funds to work for you.

Read about these offerings and ask us how they can benefit your business' bottom line.

Sweep Accounts

Sweep accounts let you gain maximum control over your cash availability while improving profit margins. Transfer excess funds between accounts based on specific dates or dollar levels. Use the sweep to deposit idle funds in an interest bearing account overnight or to automatically pay down an existing line of credit. Use Zero Balance Accounts (ZBA) and eliminate the need to transfer funds between accounts.

  • Unparalleled management over multiple accounts
  • Efficient means of cash-flow control
  • Transfers can be initiated when a pre-set limit is reached
  • Transfers can occur nightly, to earn interest overnight
  • Create earnings on otherwise idle balances
Repurchase Agreements

Transfer to and from a variable rate and/or variable amount repurchase agreement (repo) based on balance levels. With repurchase agreements, the funds are fully collateralized by the bank with U.S. Treasury or U.S. Agency securities. A third party holds the securities for the client. The market value of the securities pledged exceed the principal amount and the accrued interest.