Fraud Mitigation

To counteract recent trends in check and account fraud and provide protection to your business accounts, we offer the following fraud mitigation tools:

Positive Pay

Positive Pay a fraud mitigation tool used to match presented checks against a file of written checks. Whenever checks are issued, a file including check number, date, dollar amount and payee is uploaded through online access. Every business day, American Trust will match items presented on the checking account to items uploaded from the file of written checks. American Trust will present any exceptions through the Business Online Banking (BOB) tool for review. Clients identify which exception items should be paid and which items should be return. American Trust will then execute your decision.

ACH Debit Block

Debit Block is used to protect your business account from electronic fraud. Once your account is setup on debit block, we will only allow ACH transactions to post if they are from recognized entities. Any entry that does not meet the criteria you have given is rejected. We then notify you and validate whether it is a good item or not. If it is not, then it is returned as an unauthorized entry.

A ZBA Front account is a tool to mitigate the effects of account fraud. With a ZBA Front account in place, you use this account for all ACH and electronic activity. You continue to use your regular account to issue checks. In the event there is any fraudulent activity in the ZBA account, the fraud can be dealt with, and your regular account can continue to operate without interruption.