Points for Travel

The Points for Travel Program, available exclusively for AmeriClub members, is a loyalty program to thank you for traveling with AmeriClub. AmeriClub members are automatically eligible for this free program, and no registration is required.

Earn valuable points every day you travel with AmeriClub, points that can be redeemed for cash discounts toward future AmeriClub trips and offerings. Every travel day after January 1, 2016 earns you 75 points. For every 300 points you accumulate, you will earn a credit of $10 toward a future AmeriClub trip or event of your choice.

Here are the details:
  • A plastic AmeriClub Points for Travel card, which will display your unique card number and Personal Identification Number (PIN), is issued to you the first day you travel with AmeriClub.
  • AmeriClub maintains a master list of card numbers, earned and redeemed points, and a history of account activity. Point values are tabulated and accurately maintained by AmeriClub. 
  • AmeriClub staff automatically add points to your card at the conclusion of each trip—whether one day or multiple days. Check your point balance at valutec.net or contact AmeriClub at 800.373.1841, ext. 374. You do not need to bring your card along on a trip, as your points will be added for you in the AmeriClub office.
  • Points in increments of 300—earned in only four travel days—may be redeemed for $10 credit toward future AmeriClub trips, discount-rate tickets to local entertainment venues and riverboat cruises, seminars, etc.Contact AmeriClub at 800.373.1841, ext. 374 to redeem points.  (Points are not earned for the purchase of discount tickets to local entertainment venues such as theaters or river cruises or for attendance at AmeriClub seminars.)
  • Points are never lost, nor will they expire. Unredeemed points remain on the card. In the case of a lost card, a replacement card with existing point value will be issued.
  • Point redemption may be utilized only for AmeriClub events and will be processed by AmeriClub staff. Rewards are not transferrable and are redeemed by request of and for the benefit of the card holder. 
  • The Points for Travel card is not a credit card, is not linked to a bank account, and contains no confidential information.

You’ll appreciate the benefits and convenience of AmeriClub’s Points for Travel program. The more you travel, the quicker your points will add up. So sign up today for your next exciting AmeriClub trip!

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