Personal Loans

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Personal Loans

  • Personalized loans to fit your needs and budget
  • A variety of affordable rates and terms
  • Local decisions and service for the life of the loan
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Auto Loans

  • Buy any new or used vehicle you need
  • Pre-approvals available for better bargaining power
  • A variety of affordable rates and terms

Rv and Boat Loans

  • Buy any new or pre-owned watercraft or recreational vehicle
  • Local approvals and service for the life of the loan
  • Save $50 document fee by applying online
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Freedom Home Equity Line of Credit

  • Use your home equity line for any purpose at any time
  • Easy and immediate access to your credit line online
  • Competitive interest rates with the ability to lock a rate at any time
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Home Equity Fixed Term Loan

  • Use your home equity loan for any purpose
  • 5-year fixed rates or 5-year adjustable rate mortgages
  • Terms up to 15 years

Checking Line of Credit

  • Be prepared so sudden expenses don't catch you off-guard
  • Qualify for a line of credit and use it when you need it
  • Pay interest only on the amount you use

Student Loans

  • Competitive loans with repayment term you select
  • Supplements other student financial aid to pay college costs
  • Offered by Iowa non-profit focused on student success