Trust Services

There are many different types of trust services. Our professionals can review what best fits your financial and estate planning needs. Take advantage of American Trust's proven investment expertise through one of many asset management tools.

Revocable Living Trust

An arrangement in which a person transfers ownership of property to a trust account. The trustee is responsible for portfolio review and investment decisions of the assets held in the trust. This provides the assurance of knowing you have professional portfolio management. A Revocable Living Trust gives you the freedom to control the terms of the account as changes occur in your life and after your death.

Investment Management Agency Account

An agency is a simple standard arrangement allowing the bank to manage your assets. An agency provides you all of the professional management, custody, bill paying, and recordkeeping available with a trust, but this management ends with your death, unlike a Revocable Trust, which can continue after your death.

Custodial Account

A contractual relationship where the trustee is responsible for the physical protection and safekeeping of the client's assets. This allows you to save time and reduce your paperwork by letting a professional handle the recordkeeping of your assets while you still make all the investment decisions.

Estate Management and Settlement

Estate management is an ongoing process. It includes the accumulation and conservation of your assets during a lifetime and the orderly distribution of those assets at death. Our more than 50 years of experience and our extensive staff are of particular value to you when you are planning for the succession of your closely-held business. American Trust works with you, your attorney, and your other financial advisors to prepare your financial inventory and identify the goals of your estate plan. We then prepare recommendations to meet those goals. After death, as your executor, we administer your assets in accordance with your plan.

Testamentary Trust Account

A trust created in a will where the trustee manages the assets and applies the benefits as directed. The bank holds and manages the property for the beneficiaries as you direct under the terms of your will.


A court appointment to receive, hold, and manage all property of a minor ward or an individual with special needs. A conservatorship is often used to relieve other family members or friends from the burden of managing the beneficiary's assets.

STARKER (1031 Like Kind Exchange)

A trust that is used to facilitate the transfer of business property while either minimizing or avoiding capital gains tax.

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