Investment Management

American Trust has provided asset management services since the early 1950s. As a privately held institution, with the same controlling ownership since 1911, we offer our clients a unique combination of financial strength, professional management, and an element of continuity that is difficult to match.

We have established a reputation for successful investment management by adhering to a long-term approach and a sound consistent investment discipline. Our investment team is responsible for over $950 million in assets and provides quality equity and fixed income management services to individuals, trusts, endowments/ foundations, and corporations through the American Trust Financial Management Group.

Our organization is a proven leader in the investment field and our investment team possesses extensive experience in portfolio management. Whatever your objectives might be, or the account type you might have, the American Trust investment group can develop a complete investment program designed specifically for you.

Investment Process

As a full-service investment manager, we tailor an investment program to meet the specific needs of our clients. Each relationship has its own uniqueness and is managed as such. This is a recurring 4-step process.

1. Develop Investment Profile

Establish goals and objectives based on the investment time frame, tolerance for risk, income needs, and specific account circumstances. Through in-depth consultation, long-term strategic objectives are set.

2. Set Asset Allocation Parameters

Set asset allocation guidelines by establishing long-term asset class targets based on return/risk relationship for each client. Asset allocation ranges are set to establish guidelines around the long-term targets designed to add incremental return and control risk.

3. Establish Portfolio and Actively Manage

We develop a portfolio that focuses on diversification across and within each asset class to provide you with attractive risk-adjusted returns. We then manage your portfolio on a continual basis while maintaining all the quality standards and market diversification necessary to achieve your goals.

4. Communication

We continually review your portfolio and keep you informed. Through in-depth reporting, internet access, and personalized meetings, we keep you updated on our strategies and periodically assess your goals to make sure we are on the right path.

Securities and insurance products are * Not FDIC insured *May go down in value *Not financial institution guaranteed *Not a Deposit *Not insured by a federal government agency.