Strategic Wealth Solutions

Building on more than 80 years of experience in wealth management, American Trust continues to develop investment offerings and strategies to meet the individual of our clients. Our Strategic Wealth Solutions professionals work with each qualified client to design solutions that match their unique needs and goals. If you are a goals-based investor and would like to establish personal objectives for holistic financial management, our professionals will get you there.

By understanding your current and future financial needs, whether business or personal, we’ll build a financial profile to help clarify your situation and establish a solid plan to take you into the future. Unlike many retirement strategies, risk tolerance and asset management are just part of the conversation. At American Trust, we have the capacity to bring all of your needs and resources into clear focus.

American Trust Strategic Wealth Solutions clients enjoy strong relationships and consultative services second to none. Whether your goals are proprietary or corporate, our professionals make it their highest priority to understand the vision and goals of each client. Our executive clients trust us for discretionary asset management, annuities and insurance, deferred compensation and business succession planning, brokerage and agency accounts, cash flow management, tax advantaged investing, and more.

After we’ve helped define your financial objectives and implemented your investments strategy, we’ll meet with you regularly to discuss the progress of your portfolio in relation to established goals. Over time, we’ll re-evaluate and rank your personal financial goals and adjust your portfolios as needed to meet your objectives. We’ll stay informed about the progress of your business, keep you apprised of the economy, discuss what’s happened in the equity and bond markets over the last six months, and provide an outlook for the next six months. Most important, we’ll explain how the markets are affecting your plans and portfolio–and take action.