Health Savings Account

Ensure your physical and financial health while reducing your tax payments. With an HSA you can contribute tax-free money straight from your paycheck, and use the funds for any qualified medical expense.

Best of all, you own the HSA, so funds roll over year-to-year and you carry the account with you wherever you go. Be prepared to face the growing cost of health care with this important account option.

  • No setup or annual fees
  • Contributions are tax free*
  • Interest is earned daily and credited monthly
  • Interest compounded monthly and credited each monthly statement cycle
  • Withdrawals are tax free when used for qualified medical expenses**
  • Money rolls over year-to-year automatically
  • Easy withdrawal access by check, debit, or teller
  • Contribution limits set by the IRS
  • Paper Statement Fee of $3.00 per statement, no fee if enrolled in electronic statements
  • FDIC insured

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Residents within a 100-mile radius of Dubuque, Dyersville, or West Des Moines, Iowa only please.

*If contributions are made after income was taxed, the amount deposited is tax deductible.

**Withdrawals for non-qualified medical expenses are subject to income tax and a 10% penalty. The 10% penalty is waived for persons 65 and over or who have become disabled. If you close your account before interest is credited, all accrued interest will be paid.


  • There are no income requirements or limitations
  • Must be covered under a qualified, high deductible health plan
  • Must not have coverage by another type of health plan
  • Cannot be claimed as a dependent on another person's tax return
  • Cannot be enrolled in Medicare